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Eric, Koko + Steve Fujii
about us

For over 25 years, Steve Fujii and his family continue to operate one of San Francisco’s landmark Japanese Noodle Restaurants in the beautiful Sunset District by Golden Gate Park.

Known for their fresh and delicious noodles including udon, ramen, soba, and somen, Hotei also serves an array of rice and curry dishes.

The Fujii’s also own one of San Francisco’s top Sushi restaurants, Ebisu.

With three Ebisu locations around the Bay area, Hotei also is proud to offer Ebisu sushi using the best fresh fish from around the Bay area and flown in fresh from around the globe.

“We love creating a comfortable atmosphere for our customers to enjoy our food,” says Steve Fujii,  ”We know our neighbors and friends who join us daily from all over the Bay area.  That is why we are so dedicated to providing such a consistent and pleasurable dining experience everytime.”