HoteiMy name is Hotei, a professional and well-known digital marketer who founded Hoteisf.com that is headquartered in my home town, San Francisco, CA. I have been in digital marketing industry for over 20 years, and the only reason and way that keeps me going is continuous learning and reading or I’m over.
Although I have been in the industry for over a decade, I still find digital marketing processes critical. I used to read many resources and numerous digital marketing blogs for quite a while for me to get a better understanding of how it really works and got myself familiarize with it over time.
It took me years and several studies before I became successful in what I do. Now, I have helped many digital marketers in the industry since 1993 and have published four New York Times best-selling books since then.
Today, I am one of the top most retweeted people that runs all over social media in the digital marketing field in the world. I had to go through a lot of painful situations before I became the person I am now. I have helped numerous famous companies and brands understand on how to gain profit from digital services and more.